2024. May 18., Saturday

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Lost and found belongings

Have you lost your documents or an important item such as a bag? Or were they stolen from you? Have you found another person’s documents? What to do in such a case? We will help you!

Entering and leaving Hungary with pets

From this article you can find out what documents you need to bring your pet into Hungary what documents you need to fill in at the border what tests are required for your pet before crossing the border. What do I need to bring my pet from Ukraine to Hungary? On the 1st June 2023, […]

The easiest way to Budapest from Ukraine and back by train

Many people ask how to get from Budapest to Ukraine and back. Here are the options: Vienna-Kiev train 149 – availability might be an issue People who don’t want to travel to the Ukrainian border zone often choose the direct train 149 Vienna-Kiev. However, please note that this train actually has only two sleeper cars […]

Transport between Liszt Ferenc Airport and Budapest city centre

When people arrive at a train station, many of them want to know how to get to Budapest Liszt Ferenc International Airport. In this article we show you all the options. There are basically three ways to get to the airport: by taxi by 200E bus by 100E buses A taxi from East or West […]

All you need to know about Budapest Nyugati Railway Station

SOS Ukraine - Nyugati

If you’re coming from Ukraine by train, chances are you’ll be getting off at Budapest Nyugati Railway Station. Find out in this article, what services are available at the station; how to get food when you arrive here; what you can do in and around Nyugati. You can find more information about your options when […]

All that you need to know about Budapest Keleti Railway Station

This article will tell you what is available at and around Keleti Railway Station, which will help you find your way around when you arrive. You will know what services are available at the station; how to get food; what you can do in and around Keleti. You can find basic information on what your […]

Ukrainian SIM card in Hungary

SOS Ukraine - SIM Card

Did you know that most of the Ukrainian SIM cards can also be used in Hungary? Here is the way to use it explained step by step: Turn on the ROAMING option On some devices, the ROAMING function must be enabled so that you can make and receive calls. This option can usually be enabled […]

What are my transportation options in Hungary?

SOS Ukraine - Transportation

If you want to know how to get around and use public or other transport in Hungary, this is the right article for you. Here you will find the basic information about: Transportation by train Public transport in the capital and in the countryside Taxi-options How to get to another country by public transport Transportation […]