2023. December 1., Friday

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Getting married in Hungary

Are you a Ukrainian citizen and want to get married in Hungary? In this article you will find out: what documents you will need to register your intention to get married; where to register your intention to get married; how much a civil wedding can cost; What does the procedure look like. How to declare […]

Cash assistance in Hungary

Cash assistance is a type of financial assistance provided by a government or organization to persons who are unable to meet their basic living expenses. It is typically intended to help people who are experiencing economic hardship and who are unable to support themselves or their families. In this article you will learn who is […]

Asylum in Hungary

If you are planning to stay in Hungary for a longer period, you may want to apply for asylum status. By reading this article, you will know: who can apply for asylum how the application process works what benefits you can have by being an asylum seeker what obligations you will have What is Asylum? […]

Expired, lost or damaged Ukrainian passport

This article will tell you what to do if you are in Hungary and your passport has been lost or stolen, or your passport has been expired, or you want to apply for a new passport for minor What shall I do if my passport has been stolen in Hungary?  First of all, contact the […]

The easiest way to Budapest from Ukraine and back by train

Many people ask how to get from Budapest to Ukraine and back. Here are the options: Vienna-Kiev train 149 – availability might be an issue People who don’t want to travel to the Ukrainian border zone often choose the direct train 149 Vienna-Kiev. However, please note that this train actually has only two sleeper cars […]