2024. June 16., Sunday

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Lost and found belongings

Have you lost your documents or an important item such as a bag? Or were they stolen from you? Have you found another person’s documents? What to do in such a case? We will help you!

Entering and leaving Hungary with pets

From this article you can find out what documents you need to bring your pet into Hungary what documents you need to fill in at the border what tests are required for your pet before crossing the border. What do I need to bring my pet from Ukraine to Hungary? On the 1st June 2023, […]

Getting married in Hungary

Are you a Ukrainian citizen and want to get married in Hungary? In this article you will find out: what documents you will need to register your intention to get married; where to register your intention to get married; how much a civil wedding can cost; What does the procedure look like. How to declare […]

Cash assistance in Hungary

Cash assistance is a type of financial assistance provided by a government or organization to persons who are unable to meet their basic living expenses. It is typically intended to help people who are experiencing economic hardship and who are unable to support themselves or their families. In this article you will learn who is […]