2024. June 16., Sunday

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Learning Without Borders (LWB)

Thank you if you support the children of families fleeing Ukraine.
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Children are the most vulnerable victims of war. That is why they are particularly
attention in the Ukrainian refugee crisis. On Soroksári street in Budapest we have set up an 800 square metre facility for them in a part of the building we have been given.

Parents who have recently arrived from Ukraine, are still in the asylum procedure or are planning to leave in the near future bring their children here. To ensure that the children are not completely disconnected from their previous life, child development programmes are run with the nearly 80 children by more than ten teachers and social workers, also refugees from Ukraine.

Dealing with children who come from war-torn environments and are forced to leave their homes at the drop of a hat is a challenge. In addition, these children have often been forced to leave their fathers and brothers behind, and obviously face the constant fear of their mothers as they listen to the news from home. Much of the work is done by the teachers, social workers and psychologists who work with them, but there are also plenty of opportunities to volunteer.

You can sign up for programmes for children, or help out in the dining room, with cleaning, office administration, or as a chaperone for children’s activities outside the facility.

Key data in a nutshell

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E-mail address: lwb@migaid.org
LWF reception phone number: +36 30 2800 618 (English and Ukrainian, weekdays 9-17)