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What are my transportation options in Hungary?

If you want to know how to get around and use public or other transport in Hungary, this is the right article for you. Here you will find the basic information about:

  • Transportation by train
  • Public transport in the capital and in the countryside
  • Taxi-options
  • How to get to another country by public transport

Transportation by train


The Hungarian railway company is named the MÁV group. There are a few ways to buy a ticket:

  • online on the MÁV-Start page
  • in person at the stations on the following list: Ticket offices, railway stations | MÁV group
  • at bigger railway stations, you can purchase your international and domestic ticket at separate ticket offices
  • at stations where there is no ticket office or ticket machine (usually in smaller rural towns and villages), you can buy your ticket later on the train

Be careful – If there is a cash register or vending machine, but you fail to make a purchase, you will have to pay an additional fee on the train, so researching the options thoroughly in advance might save you money.

The MÁV page designed for travelers from Ukraine can be found here: Travel from Ukraine to Hungary


Transportation by bus in the country


The Hungarian domestic bus company is named Volánbusz.

You can purchase tickets online on the Volánbusz website or at ticket offices. Be careful, as there is no ticket office at every station. In such cases, you might purchase the ticket at a vending machine or if no machine can be found, from the driver. Please, be aware that the driver sells tickets only in case there is no machine available at the station.


Transportation by bus to another country


If you want to travel to another country by bus, this is supported by a German company Flixbus and a Czech company Regiojet.


Transportation within Budapest


The Budapest transport company is named BKK, and they offer a travel planner application. By downloading it, you can easily find your destination and the simplest way to get there. You can travel by metro, tram, trolley and several buses.

If you are from Ukraine, you can travel around Budapest free of charge by presenting one of the following documents:

  • Ukrainian passport
  • Ukrainian identity card
  • Ukrainian residence permit
  • Ukrainian student card
  • any other document in which, in the case of other foreign citizens, a Ukrainian address is also found

More about public transport in Budapest for Ukrainian citizens can be found here.

Here you can see the available tickets and season tickets.

Learn more about the public transport in Budapest on this link.


Public transport in the countryside


In the countryside, public transport is more limited. However, there are always local bus lines, and other public transport facilities. Google Maps application shows you the possible options for public transport. This app is useful when approaching your goal by car as well.


Transportation by taxi


All taxi companies in Budapest operate according to the official tariff. The fare must always be calculated using a taximeter. The price consists of a basic fare, a fee proportional to the distance and a minute fee. The taximeter calculates a minute fee below the speed limit of 15 km/h. Taxis can be ordered by phone, mobile application, and online.

The price is formed summing up 3 fees:

  • Basic fee (1000 HUF)
  • Kilometer fee (400 HUF/km)
  • Minute fee (100 HUF/min.)

When taking a taxi, it is advisable to insist that the driver use the taximeter which normally gives you a smaller price than a formerly agreed fee. Moreover, a well-established taxi service and an online order can be a guarantee of avoiding fraud.

Below we have listed all the Budapest Taxi companies:

How can I get to the airport?

  • By bus: bus line 100E – Airport Express connects the city center with the airport. It runs 0-24 hours, and the ticket price is HUF 1500. Find the timetable and more information here.
  • By train via MÁV (use “Budapest Ferihegy”as a search term)
  • By ordering a transfer minibus online at Ferihegy express and Wizzair transfer
  • By Taxi. Getting to the airport from the city center in the afternoon is around 10 000 (HUF – around 1000 UAH), but the price always depends on the time of the day and the traffic conditions.

Image: Pexels

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