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The easiest way to Budapest from Ukraine and back by train

Many people ask how to get from Budapest to Ukraine and back. Here are the options:

Vienna-Kiev train 149 – availability might be an issue

People who don’t want to travel to the Ukrainian border zone often choose the direct train 149 Vienna-Kiev. However, please note that this train actually has only two sleeper cars available, which means there is a very limited number of seat.As a result, it is extremely challenging to secure a ticket even when booking in advance.

How do you reach the inner areas of Ukraine from Budapest?

If you are not traveling to Transcarpathia, but to the inland areas of Ukraine, you can choose Mukachevo (UA) as a stopover, as there are considerably more trains to the various areas of the country than from Chap (UA).

Direct train to Mukachevo

There is only one direct train to Mukachevo daily from Budapest-Nyugati at 7:20, arriving in Mukachevo at 15:30 Kiev time. You can get off at Chop at 13:40.

Transfer options to Mukachevo

There are several trains to Chop (UA) throughout the day, but in addition to the above mentioned train, 1 or 2 transfers will be required in each case.

In Záhony you will need to change trains, so let’s look first at the Záhony-Chop(Csap) section:

Departure (Hungarian time) – Arrival (Kiev time)

1:08 –   2:28
3:32 –   4:51
6:32 –   7:51
8:55 –   10:13 (goes to Mukachevo, arrives at 11:49)
12:23 – 13:40
14:22 – 15:41
19:40 – 21:00
20:40 – 21:59

The trip takes 18 minutes, but then there is the passport control and customs clearance, so you need to choose your train to Záhony accordingly. The list of direct trains is as follows:

13:20 from Nyugati – 17:21
13:40 from Keleti    – 18:20
15:20 from Nyugati – 19:22
17:20 from Nyugati – 21:19
19:04 from Keleti –  23:48

There is one more option for those who want to get an early start and get to Chop or even Mukachevo.

Budapest-Nyugati 2:35 – Debrecen 5:53
Debrecen 6:03 – Csap 10:13 – Mukachevo 11:49

In addition, there are trains from Nyugati every hour at 20 minutes past the hour and from Keleti every odd hour at 25 minutes past the hour heading to Nyíregyháza (journey time about 3 hours), and from there to Záhony twice an hour (journey time 1:11).

What do you need to know about Hungarian trains?

It’s worth knowing that you can expect delays on many Hungarian trains. Unfortunately, this can prevent you from reaching your desired connection. If possible, expect longer connection times!

How do I get from Ukraine to Budapest?

It is best to start from Mukachevo or Chap. From Mukachevo there are two direct trains to Budapest-Nyugati railway station at 12:38 and 16:30 Kiev time, arriving at 18:39 and 22:39 Hungarian time. These trains are often very late. International trains from Budapest do not depart this late, so if you want to travel further, either consider getting accommodation or taking an earlier train.

The timetable for Chop (Kiev time) – Záhony (Hungarian time) is currently as follows:

3:28 –   2:46
5:23 –   4:42
8:22 –   7:42
11:06 – 10:25
14:16 – 13:35
16:12 – 15:32
18:16 – 17:35
21:30 – 20:50
22:31 – 22:50

The journey time is 18 minutes, but then there is passport and customs clearance.

From Záhony to Budapest you can take the following direct trains:

4:05 – 8:20 (Keleti)
5:30 – 9:39 (Nyugat)
8:37 – 12:39 (Nyugati)
9:35 – 14:20 (Keleti)
14:35 – 18:39 (Nyugati)
18:37 – 22:39 (Nyugati)

In addition, there is a train every hour from Záhony to Nyíregyháza (journey time 1:11) and from there to Budapest (journey time about 3 hours).

How much does the journey cost? 

It is important to note that currently the fare from Záhony to Budapest is free with a Ukrainian passport, so you only have to pay for any extra tickets for the seats.

The information in this article has been verified, but may not necessarily apply to all specific, individual cases! If you have any questions, please contact us at the details below.

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