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Authentication of Ukrainian documents

After reading this article, you will know

  • what it means to authenticate a document;
  • how to authenticate your Ukrainian documents in Hungary.

If you stay in Hungary or if you want to move to another country, you may need to prove that some of your documents, such as certificates, contracts, marriage or divorce documents, are genuine. As original certificates or contracts issued in Ukraine may not be accepted in Hungary or abroad, especially if they are written in Ukrainian or Russian, you may need to know what to do.

Why is an authenticated document useful and, in some cases, necessary?

As there are many different types of documents, we will only list examples of what you can do with authenticated documents and when you may need them:

  • you can use it to prove your educational qualifications;
  • your child’s birth certificate may be required for school enrolment or sometimes you need to submit it when you apply for financial support;
  • an authenticated marriage/divorce document is crucial for child custody cases;
  • in case of a legal authorisation, if only one parent wants to take the child across the border.

What should I do if I want to authenticate a document issued in Ukraine?

In order to know what to do, you should determine what kind of documents you have and what kind of authentification your organisation requires. This is important to know in advance, as it saves you money and time.

Where can I authenticate my documents in Hungary?

  • in the case of translation authentication, the Hungarian Office for Translation and Attestation must be contacted;
  • apostille certification: this is a special form of authentication that can only be done in the country where the document is issued, so Ukrainian documents can only be apostilled in Ukraine. In other words, anyone who has not yet left and has the time to do so should consider this option. This also means that for example, anyone wishing to get married in Hungary, will need to present a birth certificate with an apostille stamp in Ukraine.
  • at the Ukrainian Consulate: on the Ukrainian Consulate page you can check what type of documents the consulate certifies. You can check the list here.

The list shows that the Consular Office carries out the following notarial activities:

  1. provides authentication of agreements (contracts, wills, powers of attorney, etc.), except for agreements on alienation and pledge of houses, flats, holiday homes, summer houses, garden houses, garages, plots of land and other immovable property located in Ukraine;
  2. measures to protect inherited property;
  3. provides certificatation related to marital property;
  4. provides certification of copies of documents and extracts from them;
  5. gives authentication of signatures on documents;
  6. gives authentication of translations of documents;
  7. issues certification that the citizen is alive;
  8. proves that the citizen is staying at a certain place;
  9. certifies the identity of the citizen with the person in the photograph
  10. certifies the date of presentation of the documents

To authenticate notarised documents at the consulate, you must present the following documents and do the following:

  • submission of a personal application form; (there is no form for this, i.e. it can be a handwritten, free-form declaration)
  • passport of a Ukrainian citizen
  • payment of the consular fee.

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