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All that you need to know about Budapest Keleti Railway Station

This article will tell you what is available at and around Keleti Railway Station, which will help you find your way around when you arrive. You will know

  • what services are available at the station;
  • how to get food;
  • what you can do in and around Keleti.

You can find basic information on what your options are once you arrive in Hungary here: I have arrived in Hungary – basic practical information

Opening hours of Keleti Railway Station 

Monday-Friday 3:45 am -1:00 am;

Saturday-Sunday 3:45 am – 2:00 am

Waiting Room: Monday to Friday 4:30 am – 0:50 am;

Saturday to Sunday 4:30 am – 1:50 am

Business lounge: Monday-Sunday 6:00 am – 9:15 pm (this lounge requires payment for access and offers a variety of food and beverages for purchase)

New section in Keleti: Passenger Centre (Utascentrum)

The Passenger Centre is the recently opened part of the station where most things related to travel can be done. This new section is located at the underpass level of the station and can be accessed from the end of tracks 6-9 via stairs, escalators or lifts.

  • Opening hours: Monday to Sunday 04:30 am – 00:30 am
  • Services in the Passenger Centre:
  • international and domestic ticket office
  • information
  • lost property department
  • BKK (Budapest’s Transportation Company) customer service and cash desk
  • toilet with shower and changing facilities, and luggage storage for the duration of use
  • automatic luggage deposit with different-sized compartments for storing luggage; payment by credit card is an option
  • Services on the ground floor of the station
  • convenience store, pizza place, bakery, credit card and cash coffee machines – along tracks 6 and 9
  • Government office accessible from track 6 via Lotz Hall (Here, you can arrange different kind of documentations)

a free-to-use and a business lounge offering a variety of food and beverages for free with certain categories of tickets and 2999 Ft for others – next to track 9

Police – also next to track 9

Are there currency exchange facilities in and around the station?

There are three exchange offices in the station area, next to tracks 6 and 9. Also, at the main entrance there are several exchange offices on the streets opposite the station. Unfortunately, there are no hryvnia exchange facilities in this area.

  • Where can I leave my luggage while I wait?
  • at the luggage storage with automatic compartments in the passenger centre. Here you can pay by credit card and coins

in the locker to the right of the main entrance where you can drop off larger bags.

Where can I find a taxi?

The taxi waiting area is located at the exit of Lotz Hall from platform 6.

  • Are there other food shopping facilities?
  • SPAR grocery store, on both sides of the station, across the road;
  • McDonald’s, to the right of the main entrance, across the road;

BurgerKing, opposite the Lotz Hall exit.

Where can I charge my phone? 

You can charge your phone at McDonald’s.

The information in this article has been verified, but may not necessarily apply to all specific, individual cases! If you have any questions, please contact us at the details below.

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+36 30 299 4030